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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process: Engine Blocks
US Engine Production only uses blocks that pass our strict quality inspection process. Every cylinder is bored to within .004 of the fnished size. Next, we use a diamond hone to ensure bore geometry is held within 200 millionths of an inch. Every block is then subjected to a surface nish test to measure the roughness and plateau nish of the cylinder wall. (With today’s lightweight motor oils and low-tension oil rings, this is critical for achieving the proper ring seal.) Blocks are checked and align honed through the main bearing bores to align and size to the proper factory specications. This is critical to maintain uniform oil clearances and good oil pressure. After all machine work is done to the block, it is cleaned until it is completely grit free. We scrub each cylinder with soap and water and clean all oil galleys with a high-pressure wash.

Manufacturing Process: Engine Heads
Valve seats are cut on the latest state of the art equipment, forming all three angles at once. This ensures the correct seat width and concentricity for good valve seal and heat transfer. Once the head is machined, it is ready to be assembled to factory tolerance by using high temperature valve stem seals, valve springs, and hardened valve locks. Each valve/spring combination is individually tested to
provide the correct spring pressure and vacuum tested to ensure a tight valve seal.

Manufacturing Process: Crank/CamShafts
Crankshafts are re-ground to factory tolerance. The crankshaft is then micro-polished to exceed the original nish, ensuring proper
bearing lubrication. A nal wash is done to ensure that every crank is clean.

  • Bake cleaned and then shot blasted
  • Checked for bend
  • Ground to size
  • Oil holes chamfered
  • Journals polished

Manufacturing Process: Rods
Each and every rod installed in our engines goes through a rigorous restoration process.

Rods Are

  • Chemically cleaned
  • 100% re-manufactured - bores are machined to original tolerances for size and surface nish
  • Checked for bend and twist - any rod that doesn’t meet our exacting tolerance is discarded

Manufacturing Process: Engine Assembly
US Engine Production assembles each engine in a clean and controlled environment under the supervision of our highly trained Quality
Control department. Constant supervision, testing, and cross-department auditing ensures every Engine gets the same attention to
careful assembly and results in consistent superior quality.

Testing and Final Inspection
Following assembly of the engine it is put through a vigorous load-bearing run on the DYNO TEST Machine for over one hour to test its
excellence, after which it heads over to our lead technician for a nal inspection and approval for release to the customer.
In addition, to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients we provide a one year Unlimited Mileage parts only warranty on all of our engines.